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Monday, 28 August 2017 Hosting Brochure (PDF)

We offer a 1–hour solution guarantee with all our shared hosting service packages, meaning every single assistance request you email is going to be replied to in less than one hour max. Our support staff members are educated to swiftly sort out any case and to ensure that you get well–timed advice on any situation that you possibly have.

Linux VPS Hosting with Hosting Brochure

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In the Web Site Control Panel that is included for free along with your virtual server, you can find a practical Help section, containing all you need to be informed on when administering your web–sites and software. We have integrated a wide array of how–to articles and reviews and video guides that display the general site management responsibilities in an easy to read manner.

Dedicated Servers with Hosting Brochure

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With each of our semi–dedicated servers, we offer a 24x7x365 help desk service with a sixty–minute ticket response guarantee. Our team of well–trained technical support engineers will be at your disposal to answer all the queries that you might have. During non–busy periods, a response will be offered in even less than twenty minutes.

Cloud hosting with Hosting

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Keeping an up–to–date backup of everything on your server can take a large amount of time. You need to find a 3rd–party location where to place everything; you’ll have to deploy an automated backup solution; you’ll need to constantly double check each and every thing. We have a rather simple alternative. Our Managed Services package includes 50 gigabytes of disk space on a backup server. What’s more, we will help you set up the backup procedure. Because the machines belong to the same network, everything operates really fast.

Domains with Hosting Brochure

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In case there’s a particular service or software program that you would like to install on your Linux dedicated server, but you don’t know how to take care of it, or if you have endless problems setting up everything yourself, our company offers you a solution. Our Managed Services package provides installation and problem–solving procedures, meaning that you will have the complete and undivided attention of our sysadmins for half an hour – more than enough time for them to resolve the issue at hand and make things right. And you could also use this time to request them to help you with any other server–related problems you are experiencing.

If you wish your VPS to have video conversion or video streaming capabilities, you need to install & configure special software apps on it. And if this seems like something much too time and effort taking for you, then our Installation & Troubleshooting service, part of our Managed Services offer, is the best thing for your needs. With it, you will have the complete and undivided attention of one of our skilled technical support engineers who will install and configure any software app or solve any issue that you’re having with your Virtual Private Server.

The Managed Services solution comes bundled with the majority of our OpenVZ VPS Servers. With the KVM VPS Servers, it’s an optional feature.

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