Cesc Fabregas’ daughter’s ball skills have reportedly led to a six-month-old baby being hospitalised

The Chelsea footballer was having a kick about in Belgrave Square Gardens, a private London park, with his family, when the little one was hit by a ball.

According to The Sun, the tot’s mum, Victoria Diethardt, rushed him to hospital after the ball hit his left temple. Little Mark is due to have a scan, after she was told there was a possibility he could have brain damage. "The ball hit him very hard on the side of the head and he was shaking," she told the publication.

"Mark was a little ray of sunshine until the ball hit him but now I have a different boy and I’m frantic.
"He’s normally full of life but he slept the whole day after it ­happened and stared blankly into space when he woke." Victoria explained she was sat in the park with her son on April 9, as the 29 year old spent time with his partner Daniella Semaan, and their children nearby.

She claimed the former Arsenal footballer shrugged an apology in her direction following the incident, retrieved the ball and rejoined his family.  The mum alleges he tried to leave the private park – where ball games are banned – without giving his name.

"I wasn’t going to let them leave without knowing who was responsible," she continued.

"I asked the man his name but his wife stepped forward and said she was Daniella and gave me her number.
"She looked at my son and said: ‘I’m sure he’ll be all right’ — but I wonder how she’d have felt if it was her baby?

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"She insisted one of her daughters had kicked the ball – not her partner. "She said she’d call me that evening to see how Mark was — but I heard nothing. "I had no idea who Fabregas was until after he left when others in the park told me."

Victoria took Mark to A&E on the same day, and to the doctors the following day, after he was "sleepy and unresponsive," the publication reported.  A hospital report sent to the GP gave a diagnosis of "minor head injury" and "concussion". Mark was then taken to a private paediatrician, and his mum was told he will need to be closely observed and return in 48 hours.

Victoria is adamant she will sue the £156,000-a-week midfielder for the £540 medical bills already paid, as well as compensation for the stress suffered. She added: "Fabregas is wealthy enough to pay for private health checks for my son.

"If they show he’s been damaged, Fabregas should pay for the rest of his life." Cesc’s spokesman told The Sun: "Daniella’s daughter kicked the ball — not hard — and it hit the baby.

"Both Daniella and her daughter apologised profusely and Daniella has called and texted since to see if the baby was OK. When they got no response they presumed there was no cause for concern."

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