Handwriting experts reveal details about Donald Trump’s signature on new executive orders

When the new leader of the free world signed and then held up for the cameras his controversial new immigration reform, the signature on the bottom drew as much commentary as the order itself.
Handwriting experts made some obvious and some surprising conclusions, that it revealed “anger and fear” and that he believed himself to be “a big hunk of a man”.
However, social media erupted with jokes that Trump’s signature looked like a lie-detector test chart, or a “heart attack” for the nation.
After beginning his term as the 45th President of the United States around midday on Friday, January 20, Mr Trump’s first official act was to put his name to a number of executive orders.

The new Commander-in-chief signed into law his list of formal nominations to the Senate, created a National Day of Patriotism and signed a waiver which allows James Mattis to become Defence Secretary.
Sitting in the Oval Office surrounded by advisers, Mr Trump signed an executive order to start the building of a wall between the US and Mexico, and another withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Then he signed two further executive orders, one for rebuilding the military and calling for new planes, ships and weapons for the United States Armed Forces.
Next, President Trump signed his controversial order executive order to establish “new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America”.
On each occasion he held up the orders defiantly, showing the world he’d followed through on his controversial election promises.

Indeed, there it was, a weird spiky chain of letters joining together the “Donald” and the Trump” and capitalising on the “D’, the “T’ and the final, revealing “p”.
Mr Trump’s signature has been leapt upon by handwriting experts who have been quick to draw different conclusions from it.
Michelle Dresbold, a graduate of the United States Secret Service’s Advanced Document Examination training program told Politico that Trump’s signature has “absolutely no curves, only angles” meaning a lack of empathy or a soft nature.
“Curves in handwriting show softness, nurturing and a maternal nature. Angles show a writer who is feeling angry, determined, fearful, competitive or challenged,” Ms Dresbold said.
“When a script is completely devoid of curves, the writer lacks empathy and craves power, prestige and admiration.
“Besides the bigheadedness that shows in this script there is something else that is rather oversized — the ‘p’ in ‘Trump’. This large phallic symbol shouts, ‘Me … big hunk of man’.”

Tracey Trussell, of the British Institute of Graphologists told The Independent that Mr Trump’s large writing, upright slant and long tall letters indicate many different characteristics.
“His signature transmits wild ambition, dynamism, bravery and fearlessness,” Ms Trussell said.
“He’s hungry for power and has both determination and stubbornness in spades.”
But Ms Trussell said that while the signature also indicated he is protective, especially of his family, the new president wasn’t much of a listener.
She said he was “undoubtedly a tough negotiator — he excels at being hard lined, bold and direct”.
But the long tall letters also indicated “he’s not quite as inflexible potentially as people think”.
On Twitter, @RyanAbe suggested that Mr Trump’s signature “legit looks like a lie-detector test”.
Randy Smith said on twitter that the signature “looks like America’s pulse having a heart attack”.

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