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Monday, 9 October 2017

Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon battled Kevin Owens Sunday inside Hell in a Cell

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens took their feud to new heights Sunday during the Smackdown Live exclusive pay-per-view event, Hell in a Cell.

The main event of the night, The Smackdown Live commissioner and former Universal Champion started their match that was set to take place within the Hell in a Cell cage outside the structure as the bout was under falls count anywhere rules.
Once inside, both men put their bodies on the line as they attempted to destroy each other by using the cage and other weapons. Noteworthy moments included Owens crash landing into a wooden table as he attempted to cannonball McMahon, and McMahon kicking a trash can into Owens' face after landing his signature move, the Coast to Coast.

In wanting to punish Owens even more for brutalizing his father, WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, the prodigal son, used bolt cutters to escaped the cell to battle Owens on top of the structure. The two rivals then started a lengthy and dangerous encounter high in the air that ended with Owens falling down into an announce table as McMahon attacked him during his descent down.
Still not through, McMahon placed a dazed Owens onto a second announce table and proceeded to climb the Hell in a Cell structure again. McMahon then did the unthinkable and jumped off the cell to deliver a deft-defying elbow which barely missed Owens who was moved out of harm's way.

In a shocking moment, it was unveiled that it was none other then Owens' former best friend and longtime enemy Sami Zayn who had saved Owens from McMahon's elbow drop. As paramedics attended to McMahon, Zayn placed Owens on top of him for the three count and the victory.

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