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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon met Kevin Owens face to face

Unable to wait until Sunday, Kevin Owens viciously assaulted Shane McMahon Tuesday on Smackdown days before their match at Hell in a Cell.
The former Universal Champion confronted the Smackdown commissioner from the audience at the Pepsi Center in Denver after McMahon announced that their upcoming bout would be under falls count anywhere rules, meaning, that either man could claim victory outside the ring via either pinfall or submission.

As McMahon went after Owens who retreated from the live crowd, he found himself inside the concourse of the arena when he was ambushed by his rival. Owens then proceeded to beat down McMahon before powerbombing him through a merchandise table.

"I will powerbomb you again and again until you forget your kids' names," Owens said to Shane McMahon after returning back to the ring. True to his word, Owens then delivered his patent Pop-up Powerbomb to his boss inside the ring after he had returned from the concourse.

Owens and McMahon will attempt to settle their blood feud inside the Hell in a Cell structure on Sunday.

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