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Monday, 14 August 2017

Dedicated Servers with Hosting

If you aim to build a successful online business, you should choose neither a shared hosting
account (because you will soon outgrow the available resources) nor a Virtual Private Server
(because it would just be a stopgap solution). What you really need is a dedicated server – the
only hosting environment that can guarantee you absolute hardware and software freedom,
full root access, rock-solid, bullet-proof network connectivity and unmetered CPU resources at
the same time.

A dedicated server will allow you to install any OS that you want and to add more RAM or
more disk drives to the server without having to upgrade like you would have with any other
hosting solution. Hardware-wise, a dedicated server is the only platform that allows you to set
up a RAID array, provided that you have more than one disk drive.

WHY Hosting:
1. 99.9% Network Uptime
2. 24/7 Technical Support
3. 1-hour Response Time
4. Full Root Access
5. Free Bonuses
6. A US Data Center
7. No Setup Fees


You will have complete and unrestricted access to the physical machine
and all its resources. Since no one else will be using the server except
you, all CPU, storage, RAM, etc. resources will be at your sole disposal.
This makes dedicated hosting the very best possible.

One of the most important benefits of dedicated servers over virtual
private servers or shared hosting accounts is that you can add different
hardware parts without having to upgrade your whole server to a more
powerful package.

You can pick any of the Operating Systems (CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu)
that we are currently supporting and have it installed during the server
setup process itself. But since this is a dedicated machine, you will be
able to install any other OS at a later time as well.

The Control Panel is the visual interface via which you can control your
dedicated server. With Hosting, you can choose
between cPanel, DirectAdmin and our very own Hepsia Control Panel,
which is available for free.

If you pick cPanel or DirectAdmin, or if you choose not to install any
Control Panel on your dedicated server, you will get full root access.
This will give you absolute control over the machine, as you will be
able to modify every setting and install additional software.

To make your experience with us more stress-free, we have invested time and money to
create a hosting environment that is both risk-free and reliable and at the same time does not
hinder your future development in any way.

1. No Setup Fees
2. 99.9% Network Uptime
3. 24/7 technical support

Get a brand new dedicated server from Hosting today and see for yourself
why thousands of other customers have also put their trust in us.
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