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Monday, 24 July 2017

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal with his henchmen The Singh Brother defended his title against Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison Match Sunday at Battleground

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal once again defeated Randy Orton with help from outside interference Sunday at Smackdown's exclusive pay-per-view event, Battleground.

The Modern Day Maharaja defended his title against Orton in a Punjabi Prison Match which consisted of the rivals being locked inside a double layered structure. Victory is obtained by using one of four doors to escape from the first area before then climbing over the second area.
The structure was unable to keep out Mahal's henchmen The Singh Brothers, however, as they appeared from underneath the ring to attack Orton as he attempted to reach the second area. The Singh Brothers would continue to help out Mahal throughout the match every time Orton neared victory by climbing the prison.

One pivotal moment involved Orton punching Samir Singh who fell off the side of the structure straight into a commentary table. After using a steel chair to dispatch of Mahal and Sunil Singh, The Viper finally seemed destined for victory before the originator of The Punjabi Prison, The Great Khali entered the arena.

A former Heavyweight Champion and someone who Mahal called his "personal hero," The Great Khali grabbed Orton form the outside and choked him with his giant hands as Mahal climbed over the cage for the victory. With the WWE Championship in hand, Mahal and The Great Khali, then celebrated on the entrance ramp.

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