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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Young Thug is the latest rapper to claim he is the “new Pac.”

On Tupac Shakur’s birthday (June 16), Thugger released his latest album, Beautiful Thugger Girls. And according to Jeffery, that wasn’t a coincidence.

“I dropped E.B.B.T.G on 2PAC’S bday because I’m the #newPAC,” he tweeted. “I feel like I am the thug he didn’t get to become #SoImGoinFinishWhatHeStarted.”
 The comparisons have been wide-ranging over the years. For instance, Lil Wayne proclaimed himself the “New Pac” back in 2013, as well. Meanwhile, Lil Durk, who’s compared himself to Tupac in the past, also recently claimed that Future is the “modern day Tupac.”

Tupac Shakur died 21 years ago in an unsolved crime. He would have turned 46 on Friday (June 16), when All Eyez On Me hit theaters.

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