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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Samoa Joe stares down WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Monday on Raw before the pair began trading blows

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar confronted the No. 1 contender to his title Samoa Joe Monday on Raw, one week after The Destroyer attacked Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman.

A man of few words, Joe quickly entered the ring and headbutted Lesnar after Heyman was explaining to the audience how Joe would never be able to lock in his signature submission maneuver the Coquina Clutch on The Beast.
What followed was an epic brawl between the two competitors that forced Raw general manager Kurt Angle to call in security to break up the fight.

After Lesnar made short work of security, Angle then called upon the Raw locker room in order to restore order. Being held back by multiple WWE Superstars was still not enough, however, as Joe was still able to land a kick to Lesnar's jar before they were separated.

Lesnar defends his Universal Championship against Joe at Great Balls of Fire on July 9.

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