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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Pope Francis jokes with First Lady Melania About President Trump’s Diet

Pope Francis broke the ice with First Lady Melania at the Vatican on Wednesday by asking if a traditional Slovenian dish contributed to President Donald Trump‘s large stature.

As Melania shook hands with the pope during the visit, Pope Francis said in Spanish through his interpreter pointing toward Trump, “What do you give him to eat?! Potica?”
“Potica, yes,” the Slovenian-born first lady said with a laugh before stepping aside.

The pontiff was referring to a sweet bread usually filled with nuts (but can also include poppyseed, cottage cheese, hazelnut, chocolate, honey or other ingredients) from her homeland — and not “pizza,” as some onlookers mistakenly heard.

One of the pope’s attendants also gave Melania a small object, which she had Pope Francis bless.

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