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Monday, 22 May 2017

Jinder Mahal made good on his promise to Randy Orton Sunday at Backlash when he defeated The Viper to become the new WWE Champion

The main event of the night, Mahal was able to overcome an early ambush by Orton inside the ring before the match could officially start. Frustrated with how Mahal has been getting the upper hand in recent weeks on Smackdown Live, Orton looked to punish The Maharaja and his henchmen, The Singh Brothers.
The Singh Brothers saved Mahal from being pinned by Orton following an RKO and then the 13-time world champion directed his attention towards Mahal's followers outside the ring.

After a brutal beatdown that ended with a double hanging DDT on both brothers, Mahal sneaked back into the ring to nail a distracted Orton with The Khallas for the three count. As the crowd looked on in shock, Mahal raised the WWE Championship in celebration throughout the arena.

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