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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Prince Harry Goes Jogging with a Group of Young Homeless People

Prince Harry drew double-takes from pedestrians and motorists as he took to the streets of North London for a jog with a group of young homeless people.
The 32-year-old royal went for a 17-minute run with young people and volunteers from the Running Charity.
The charity organisation aims to end youth homelessness in the capital, and provides running programmes to help young people "build resilience, confidence and self-esteem".
Programme officer Claude Umuhire, 26, led the runners - which included a Met Police protection officer - down the streets of Willesden Green.
Speaking about Harry's impressive fitness, Claude told the BBC: "He didn't find any of it hard, I think he's been training just for today.
"He found everything easy, I tried to get him in the warm-up but he did pretty well, he kept giving me looks though every time I said five squats."

Later on, the Prince jokingly suggested he'd prefer an exercise less strenuous, spotting the charity headquarters' pool table and saying: "Next time I will come and play pool maybe."
Claude added: "There was a woman who was pulling out of her driveway then she realized who he was and she drove in front of us and started taking pictures of him.
"And as we were leaving, there was a guy at the traffic lights who looked across and did a double take - the joy in his face it was so funny, his eyes just opened up, he was so happy."

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